We're going to start reviewing alcohol; we drink enough of it already so we may as well provide some feedback. As enthusiastic alcohol connoisseurs (not alcoholics, we promise), we can give you an honest review in a language everyone will understand. We're thinking of reviewing mainly flavoured liqueurs but we'll see how this goes :)

Once we are sure that COVID-19 has buggered off, we may be doing some reviews with a twist. Watch this space!

Before I start, please note that this is not a paid review and our views and opinions are solely our own and have not been incentivised.

Now the boring bit is over...

In all honesty, for years I thought I didn't like Gin. Turns out, like many others, I love Gin! It's tonic I'm not a big fan of. After switching tonic for Lemonade or Cherry Pepsi, I would go as far to say that Pink Gin is my second favourite tipple (my first choice will always be Disaronno).

Enough about me, sorry! Back to the reason we're here - Sweet Little Blak Jak Gin.

So glad I purchased this little gem - my OH isn't a big Gin Drinker but even he thought this was rather tasty.

It arrived with the cork wax-sealed which was a nice little touch but a little difficult to remove - especially when you're fumbling about excitedly because you're desperate to try the Gin.

It took me right back to childhood (apart from the alcohol content, obviously) and I really enjoyed it.

If you're a fan of slightly sweet Gin's or Aniseed flavoured anything, this would be the perfect treat for you.

Pros: Not too sweet. Perfect aniseed taste.

Cons: A little pricey but really is delicious.

Price Range: Varies on where you get it from but on average is about £29.99.

Best paired with: Lemonade or On The Rocks.

Size: 50cl

ABV: 18%

Thanks for reading our first post :)

Carrie :) x

#GinReview #SweetLittleBlakJakGin

Oh and just in case you didn't know - this is how Gin should always be poured:

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